Otis is back, and so is Grande cheese !

FYI, I have reopened after closing for three days and back to using Grande cheese.
Grande costs me $3.52 this last purchase for whole milk diced.
Talked to other independents, and i think they pay about the same.
I know that is outrageous for what most of you pay. I was paying $2.86 for Sorrento whole mile diced, take it or leave it…their private label is around $2.50 here in AZ…
Our prices are higher on the average here…my 14" cheese is $8.99, down the street at a sit down it is $12.99…
Even LC is $5.99 plus tax, not in my little town though…

I just vented, thanks for reading, make good pizza, and stay in touch.

PS… I hear Ceareal Foods mills a flour called White Chief Hi Gluten unbleached enriched 12.6% protein flour that works well for pizza…one of my next purchases,…any of you used that ?


What did you decide to do about the RV show?

If your competitor is $12.99 why are you at $8.99?

…at this point, regretably “no”, with me by myself, I cannot do the extra volume :frowning:


…it’s sit down, bands, kareoke, lots of entertaiment, … “if you have not been to Silly Al’s, you have not been to Quartzsite”, and it’s true, I send customers there all the time for the atmosphere…I close at 7PM, they serve pizza til 10 PM…probably sell more pizza than them when I am open…in fact, I may go there now ! …I make a fair profit where I am…
not the Harvard School of business model, I know, no regrets, or price changes, we both do our business…then there are 2 Subways in town that serve “pizza”, they do their business too, convenience.

Otis :lol: