Otis is closed, Elvis is still in the building

closed until I can find employees,

one I had did not show up yesterday, struggled through the day, turning down customers, did last delivery, closed an hour early…some of you may appreciate that, especially if you have a small shop.

…closed today, hanging the hiring signs around, labor market here is poor, in many ways…

…sorry I miss ya’ll in the chat room, it evidently does not work with my MacIntosh Safari,



What about Dropping the delivery? Customers will understand if you can’t get anyone.

Good luck Otis.

I hope you are able to find someone soon, like TODAY. Until then, why not just drop delivery and do pickup only ?

…not a problem there, still need a warm body with me,
did it yesterday, pretty much by myself, …life’s too short…

How many orders are we talking about?

Maybe you can find someone to come in early and do ALL the prep, then you can just run it solo.

Unless you are doing more than 60 orders a day, that would get old…

I know wat u mean otis. I do it all the time :frowning:

Time to raise wages… and very probably prices.

sorry to here that otis we have been lucky in the labor dept we have to many girls wanting the work up here just no jobs up here on the mountain knock on wood we got a good crew .hope all works out for you maybe you can find some snowbirds looking for some extra$$$$$

…too many orders…do not want to handle money and the food too.


What I do when I am in you situation is take a few orders then take the phones out of service until I catch up. Then start over again. You will pi$$ off a few people but fewer than if you actually don’t open.

Otis -
Sorry to hear about your situation, if I was in the area I’d come help!

On a different note, try downloading Firefox for your Mac. Firefox can run a lot of web programs that Safari can’t.

You can go to firefox.com to download it.

Feel for you mate.

Have been in the same situation may a time.

I think you could do you store solo for a while until you get staff. I have done plenty of shifts solo and done more than 50 in a 4 hour session, plus pastas, ribs etc.

Drop deliveries until you have someone. Don’t let deliveries be the be all and end all of your operation. As you know from many of my previous posts I have been down the no driver road and now after many sleepness nights I have the mindset that if I don’t have any drivers then unfortunately I can’t deliver - if I don’t have any hands then I can’t clap.

Try putting a sign saying " Due to staff shortages delays may be experienced. Thank you for your patience, Otis."

It’s a b1tch but if you close you may never get back what you lost while closed.


here is my song of whoa for the day. No driver, 1 insider broke here ankle, 1 insider has the flu, one insider can only work 2 hours by law as she is only 14. I have had 40 orders so far and it is only 6:30. I got caught up and now the phone has stopped for a few minutes. Then we start on the preorders for in the morining.


I am feeling pain for you, brother. I know you are fighting the good fight out in the desert, and deserve a decent break. I hope you find somone to help open for at least some hours for your business to keep on creeping until you can run again. Keep the faith and keep your creative blood pumping . . . you have talent to come up with a new solution. I know you can, if there is one to be had.


The bright side of your whoa is that wages bill will be low.

Santa is just around the corner, so … be very, very good. You never know what he may bring :slight_smile:


I appreciate ya’ll’s replies…

where do you guys get the logo thing on the upper left hand side going ?..they look good. :shock:


While you’re logged in, go to “profile” just under the think tank logo. You’re looking toward the bottom for upload an avatar. I don’t know what the settings are here, but normally they’re 80x80 pixels and under 5 or 6 k in size.

Did you make the effort to open alone?

opening Sunday, maybe alone,

Otis! My friend…more employee recruitment and less blogging! Time is money!