after i get the enclosed trailor, lined the walls and floor, what is the hardest part? whats the biggest exspense?
ps I am not going to have a fryer
I am looking at a 8.5x28ft

the hardest parts for me have been dealing with the things that I did not expect, those unpleasant surprises, like wanting to put something behind the walls I had just lined.

You are welcome to contact me for details. My phone number, e-mail, and website are on my profile.

Pizza Paul Nyland has a pizza trailer and experience here also and I think would help.
I plan to be in the Midwest this summer and may get by for a visit.

I found the windows were important, getting it right the 2nd time.
If you can get things done the way you want it the first time, it will save you a lot of time and $.