Otis's new photos

photos of this year’s pizzeria on my new site on link below
it’s updated on my profile too



Looks good Otis,
Any plans on expanding to a permanent building?

Very cool Otis. I just had some pictures done as was considering posting them.

Your operation looks awesome! Livin the dream eh?

I was surprised to see that you put pepperoni on last on the Betty Boop, my oven would burn it.

Once again man, very impressed.

Wow Otis…how cool is that…

Your kitchen is almost bigger than mine…and I am in a free standing building :lol:

How long you been doing it? Did you ever have a pizza place in a building? I know you have been around the boards a while but never really asked and wondered.

Is betty boop your mrs?

Keep those photos away from my husband…he will think the idea is brilliant…and it is! Good for you.