our "Favorite customer" defined

We have figured out how to define a loyal, or “favorite” customer in Grantville: any customer who spends $200 inside of 5 calendar days. these people are our 2-person word of mouth campaign, and have been single handedly responsible for getting 4 new customers to come to our shop.

Thursday: dinner with friends
Saturday: 1st birthday party for 1yr old son
Tuesday: dinner AGAIN with friends
(anticipate another dinner this week :D)

And, yes. We will be giving them some sort of appreciation gift for dragging customers into the store by their hair.

Word of MOUTH is by far, the best advertising. They tell two people and so on. It’s important to treat these people you know are promoting you with notice EVERY time they come in, despite how rushed you are. It’s not easy but builds business.

And they sent yet another new neighbor, who moved in this week, down to our shop for a pie. I can’t PLAN that sort of loyalty, and I wish I could.