Our first commercial

Very excited to have just finished our first commercial, begins airing next week. Critique and general comments for future commercials appreciated!


Love pushing the fresh produce theme, that’s the easiest thing we can do to set us apart from the “bought in bag” chains. My only critic would be that I found it a tad difficult to read the phone number as it didn’t seem to contrast to the background.

Keep pushing!

Nice clear message. Agree with pushing “fresh” and personal service.
Also agree with phone details etc. In white they are hard to see. Need a constrating colour
Good luck with it

I dig it, how much did the commercial cost to make and how much to get it on the air?
When it runs come back and let us know what your return is.

Thank you for the feedback everyone, I greatly appreciate it!


The commercial itself cost me $300. I wrote the script myself and direction of the commercial myself, and a young kid who does video production in the area shot it and edited it for me. It is normally $500 but he gave me a discount because I sponsor a local flag football team he is involved with.

The commercials are through comcast spotlight, and vary in cost greatly but for example my first week I am airing 74 (or 76 can’t remember off the top of my head) spots for around $640

Nick drop by your local library and look for a book called “Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads: Turning Paupers into Princes and Lead into Gold” It has a good read on TV advertising…

Here is a link to the whole series. I have the hard copies but like to listen to the MP3 while driving.

I’ve been looking into the Comcast spotlight after seeing a few local businesses I deliver to on there (a hobby shop that always seems empty is on there, I started figuring if they could afford it, I could afford it). That seems very affordable. I will continue to dig, as well as look at the material mentioned in this thread. Thanks.

And by the way… that little vegi chopper you have, what kind is it? I had one similar to that and the plastic hinges broke after about 2 weeks. Everytime I buy something to make the employees lives a little easier, they break it. :evil: