Our Funny Pizza Video (marketing)

We put this video together awhile back to promote our pizza menu printing…it’s definitely an ad and I do not want to self-promote out of place. However, I think it’s really funny and I hope you get a laugh out of it. If you guys like it maybe we’ll make some new ones with more funny situations. Thanks for checking it out.

http://www.5min.com/Video/A-Pizza-Menu- … ious-12071

dear competition… LOL. I breath and live ads for living and that my friend, was a really cool idea. Original for this industry, i give you 5 starts for the creativity :).

Nice add.

I saw that a few days ago and I loved it as well! I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with the next time!!!

I appreciate the kind response. We put alot of effort into these …the guys that do the acting are absolutely hilarious!

We’ll definitely be producing more funny pizza videos! If you want to receive emails which contain links to our funny pizza videos, articles, and printing discounts you can do so in 2 seconds…and it’s free Register Here

Thanks again, have a great weekend everybody!

w00t smart way to gather client list and send them offers.

(hey is anyone going to flame him for using his promotional video as a foothold to then try to get us sign up on his website? lol :P, just kidding)

The difference between his post and your posts is he was upfront and not trying to hide his identity or motive. Be a good student and learn his lesson.

while I have both of the ad guys here, let me ask I am looking for a monthly service every month i email you names and you send a printed post card (30-60-90) if you have that whats min each month and whats a per piece price…
I know Kamron was putting something together and it never materialized but I am so busy if this was one thing I could out sourse that would be great.
also getting ready to get my next set of door hangers best price so far 237.20 2 color card stock includes shipping ( hard to beat these guys) doorhangerect.com

RedBarnPizza have you done any testing to see if you get better results with full colour?..IMO the extra cost of full colour is a good investment because you get a better return…Yes it costs more money on a per piece basis, however, if you get increased sales your marketing cost as a % is lower overall…

In my pizzeria days, the best results we got were from doorhanging with menus (and rubber bands) cycling through town every 5 weeks…And full colour made us stand out and get away with “proudly” having the highest price pizza in town…

We also had printed boxes when no one else did…Yes they were more costly, however, it gave us a better image and allowed us to get away with our highest price in town strategy…

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let me see what i can get, i’ll let you know.