Our new Limited Edition Pizza Rolls Out Today

We have been doing a series of limited edition pizzas. Each runs about a month. The third in the series hit the menu today and is in the paper, on the radio and will in our email blast shortly. Like the last one, it is based on a menu combo we have had for years. This one is based on a popular seasonal local product: Olathe Sweet Corn.

Name: Rio Colorado

Olathe Sweet Corn, Mesquite Chicken Breast, Roma Tomatoes, Jalapenos, with red sauce and mozzarella.

This one really tastes great. We simply slice the corn off the cob raw with a sharp knife and sprinkle the kernels on top of the pie.

Rio Colorado c.JPG

I am a bit sad that I missed the Olathe corn. The pizza looks great.

Good Luck

George Mills

I don’t think George intended that the way it interpreted it, but that comment made me spit out my drink.

Looks good…only a month huh?

Yes, only as long as the Olathe corn is coming in fresh.

I am going to have to try and make one myself! Looks tasty!

Had one at home last night. I love the corn on it. Also, Olathe corn is 6 for a dollar right now at city market so our cost for the topping is 17 cents. (We use a whole ear on a pizza)


Looks great !

I have some sweet corn from a local grower in my walk-in (it was for personal use and giving to staff) I’m going to try it out on Monday, thanks for the idea !