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all reviews welcome.

I like it a lot. Simple design, simple colors that work together and it gets the job done. That’s what a restaurant website should be. The only thing I would change is the white background along the left and right sides. I think a deep, saturated red would look nice there. It would give a little bit of depth to the site.

One note though - using the term “March Madness” could possibly be trouble. It’s a registered trademark.

I’ll have to visit sometime as I am just over in York.

Nice site.

Looks easy to read and easy to understand. Well done!

I like it also. Easy and clean.

Also agree on the March Madness. They have some pretty hungry lawyers, unless you are a corp sponsor you are not able to use the term.

Yes the “March Madness” police might get you…If you Google you will find lots of articles on the subject…

The “law” has run a muck as far as trademarks go and it is getting rather silly…In Canada our Supreme Court has struck down many trademark cases recently for trademark owners that were overreaching…For example Mattel was not able to stop a bbq restaurant from using the term “Barbie”…Mattel can protect the trademark as it pertain to dolls but is no longer able to stop other uses not related to dolls…

Another group that is over zealous is the National Real Estate Association and their band of lawyers protecting the term Realtor…Another term that gets a lot of attention in our area Olympic…

Wanted to edit my post to add this but there is no edit button anymore…

How come you are selling your tees for so much money?..This item would be more useful as a “self liquidating” promotion…Sell them at or near cost to get them on the streets…The advertising benefit would be worth more than the profit you might make on selling a few shirts…Lots of places give away shirts once a “loyalty card” is filled up…

Thanks for the kind words folks, my wife actually built the site. Looking to add a link on there soon for direct email marketing through Constant Contact.

As for “March Madness,” I didn’t know it was copyrighted, but tonight is the last night of the tourney and it’s coming down when the game starts. I’ll plead innocent… :lol:

Royster, not my call on the shirt prices, but I 100% agree with you. I want to drop the price on them, unfortunately, I can’t get the rest of the family to agree.

I agree with the other comments - a simple but professional looking site. We’ve seen so many people on here try to make really complex sites which always tend to look very poor - so well done!

My only comments are:

  1. make your phone number more prominent
  2. Add the address onto the top part of the page

Having customers become familior with where you are and what number you are on is a key key issue - so make them stand out.


I’d be most grateful if you guru’s could have a quick look at my website. Any feedback / constructive critisism would be most welcome.


p.s. I’m in England, so no competition to you guys!


I clicked your link and got an error message as follows:

Content Encoding Error:
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.


That’s very strange! Which browser are you using ? Are you using a proxy server ? Could you try clearing cookies and try again please ?

DW - Thanks for signing up !!!

I’m using Mozilla Firefox.

Proxy server? Clearing Cookies? :? A little over my head. I’m not much of a computer guy.

Hi Paul

Just tried the link using Firefox - works ok here. Probably something your end.

I was able to open it with Internet Explorer. Some of your fonts are extremely hard for me to read. Also on my screen some of your pizza titles extend over part of the description of the pizza. For example the title Vegetarian Amore covers up the “mush” in mushrooms on my screen. I have the same issue with the Chicken Supreme and a few other chicken pizzas whose name I can’t read because of the font. The font is all in CAPS for all of the pizzas below the Hawaiian and it seems like a larger font.

My next suggestion would be to have a link to a feedback forum as opposed to making someone cut and paste your feedback email address. You will be much more likely to receive feedback this way.

Last, the pepper used in the logo reminds me of a Jalepeno pepper so the logo sends the message of Mexican food to me.

Thanks for your input Paul.

I use IE and Firefox and there is no overlap of Pizza titles going into the description. I accept it’s probably not the best font (Algerian), and will change it.

Anybody else ?

I get the same error as Paul when I use firefox and No I don’t use a proxy and its not a problem with cookies.

works fine with IE.

I’m with Paul on the fonts. Sorrry a really bad choice to read especially in bold. Same as the bold type down the bottom of the page.
I’m using Mozilla Firefox andhve no problem opening it or any reading problems.