out of the frying, pan into ???

Looks like we are going to add dine in to our carry out/ delivery. Any and all advice is appreciated!! Going from 760 sq.ft. to 1150. I am looking for used tables and chairs but have not found anyplace to get them. Does anyone know of an outlet or warehouse in Illinois? Looks like our major expense will be the seating and a truck load of paint!!

There’s a place in Chicago called March equipment that deals in used and new equipment. I took a walk through there once and they had a lot of used dining room furniture.

The only problem is, used dining room furniture usually looks used. Are you sure you want to go that route?

im in indiana and used “restaurant equippers” out of columbus OH
they sell new and used equippment from forks to tables
never had a problem with them

another option look on ebay
thats where i found my oven just did a search and there is alot ol sellers in the chicago area.
mine was out of joliet IL

Check for some local restaurant auctions. I just went yesterday to an auction at a restaurant that went out of business. The prices you pay for items at these auctions are amazing. I picked up a 20 qt. mixer for $400, a 12’x12’ walk-in cooler w/ refrigeration for $600, a 3-bay sink for $160 w/ a grease trap, and an ansul system for $50. There were a bunch of restaurant booths that went dirt cheap and they were in excellent condition. Check for an auction service business in your area, get their schedule and see if they have any restaurant auctions coming up. Also try checking ebay, the swap sheet, and the classifieds in your area.