out side sales

My name is Anthony Culebra from San Antonio TX
I am ceo and president of Custom Marketing Services we do marketing advertising promotions and sales for small pizzarias. what we do is puchase forty to sixty large one topping pizzas at a discounted rate. in exchange for the discount we go around the city of San Antonio letting every one know there is a new pizzaria in town we pass out fliers and tell the people the exact location of the sorce pizzas. in the last four and a half years we have worked with seven pizzarias. our sales techniques and pithes are text book and scripted, and for the most part
quite effective need i say efficient. my crew can sell 200 plus units a day.
I had lived in Mobile Alabama when i came across a guy selling pizzas to the bar hoppers after hours. he was selling medium one topping pizzas for five bucks.i did not think nothing about this for several years until i moved back to San Antonio Tx. Here in Texas i encountered a similar promotion. to make a long story short i started selling extra pizzas. at first i was selling medium pizzas on a bike my territory
was real small in a city setting, which has a high tuorist ratio, so finding new customers was no problem, a few after party deals later and i quickly realized i was on to something. now my territory is the whole northwest side of San Antonio and with a crew of six pizza sellers two vehicles running two shifts were now considering further exspansion.
the question i present to you is this are there any other small pizzarias selling extra pizzas and if there are what what kind of deal are your guys getting? right now i’m getting large one topping pizzas that’s 14 inch pizzas
with extra cheese for three bucks and for every ten i purchace i get one free. for more information please contact me at cmsalfredo@hotmail.com or call me at 210-852-1756


You’re getting a fantastic deal. There’s no way I would sell anyone a Large cheese pizza for $3.00 as the food cost alone is right around $2.10 to prepare and box, not including labor costs. Good luck in your endeavors. -J_r0kk