Outdoor Digital Signage

We’ve been open for 13 years. In new location for 4( we own small plaza) Need a new sign (Marquee) and I am considering having a 2.5 ft by 8ft full color LED attached beneath our 8x6 sign to read specials, new items, and community events. Thoughts on the LED… is it worth it? We have approx 30,000 cars a day. What type of ROI can I expect? Added cost is about $13,000

Denny -

My traffic count is around 18,000/day. I just spent about 15,500 on this LED sign. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think that sign is about 9’x9’ on an 11’ pole. City code will not allow any higher.

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Thanks Pat,

Do you have a digital reader board as well? Is that just led back lit? Awesome looking sign!

No digital reader board here.

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Awesome ! you nailed it ! I was just in a sign shop yesterday, if you don’t mind me asking how much that set you back ?

$15,500 which included sign installation and removal of old signage.