outdoor signage

hey, so on our new building (13,000) square feet
I will have 2000 plus with a 40ft frontage
I am wanting to do a sign like this
it will say rockstar and the neon will be blue,
any issues with something like thiss?

Check your sign ordianance, as well as your liquor laws. Our liquor licence has stipulations about the types of signs we can have. I’m not allowed to have any “chasing” or flashing lights. I don’t know if that is common or not. I’m sure that sign is at least 5k – that would be stiff setup not to be able hang it.

I’ve got a lighted box sign here actually that I’m looking to sell. It is 2’x10’ and accepts the graphics on a plastic insert. I paid 2800 to have it built and installed a few years ago.

Yup, the landlord will have rules, the city will have rules, the county will have rules…

get a competent sign mfg & let them jump thru the hoops/permitting etc.

That sign will cost you about 50K

Good call about sign ordinances. They are everywhere, and they aren’t “intuitive”. The are usually quite explicit and have to be read to be known. They are often in Zoning Code or Zoning Ordinances. You city Planing and Zoning Commission should have some info. they often give you the guidelines when you pick up applications for sign permit . . . . definitely get one of those for the high end sign so it stays on the building.

PS How much you want for the lighted box? We might have use for it later this year.

and rest assured that someone, a competitor, a concerned citizen, or just a busy-body will make it their business to make sure you have the proper permission and permits in place for your new sign…