Outdoor Walk-in

I was wondering if any of you use an outdoor walk-in. I want to use more space inside for seating and am considering using one. Are they much more than indoor ones?

Hi Knightwing:

Out door walk ins are more costly than indoor.

There is most often a cement pad poured for the unit to rest on. There is a roof cover normally installed. The refrigeration unit requires a heating device to keep it from freezing up. The condensate drain requires a heating system to keep it from freezing.

The additional costs involved depend on the size of the box.

George Mills

I have both an outside cooler and freezer combo…and yes they cost more…but not that more when you consider you have no room. One of my locations is a former service station with NO basement or second floor so an outdoor unit was a necessity.

Mine came with a floor…no concrete pad was necessary since it was placed in my lot area which is paved with asphalt.

Check your local codes both building and health before doing so.

Not to run on another persons post but, can I build an enclosure to help my existing outdoor cooler? I want to add a freezer and then cover both of them.


When we opened our second location we took the walk ins outside to give us more room. We did have to lay a concrete slab but it wasn’t a big deal. We are glad for the much needed space. The down side is it has been 2.5 years and you can see the wear and tear of the outdoor elements. Our first location has massive cooler space (used to be a gas station) and they are built tough…a few maint. issues but solid…I don’t see that happening with the outdoor units. Time will tell.

If I had to do it over I would enclose them…I am sure there would be a way to do it to offer just a bit of cover to elements and when funds are available we will look into it but for now they are outside, fully exposed but working like a champ.


Hi Hanna:

If you are in a very warm area and feel that your outdoor walk in is not sufficiently insulated You could glue some Styrofoam sheathing to it then cover with vinyl siding.
For the roof you could treat it like any flat roof. Put down the Styrofoam cover with tar paper and tar over that. The freezer section will need a floor. Your cooler section may or may not have a floor.

You could of course just build a building around your box and move the compressor to the roof of that structure.

George Mills

Check with your landlord first. Mine would not allow it.

4 outside coolers/freezers in a warm climate…use the same “gunk” that you might use on a mobile home…comes in 5G bucket & just paints/rolls on…I’d seal it first w/some expando foam - you’d be quite surprized…I even did it to my inside cooler…