Outing Deadbeats via Social Media

There is a gift shop in town that posts shoplifter photos from in-store cameras and just wondering if any of you have done so in certain instances

here is an example where the guy skips out on us with a $30+ tab and we took him for his word that he was going to the bank and coming back. I blemished out his face and did not post on my biz page, although I think I should after 1 week.
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … =1&theater

its not about the $$, just the principle….whatcha think?

For me personally, doing such a thing would guarantee I do not patron your business. I am not saying it doesn’t suck to have someone clearly take advantage of you, but it is the cost of doing business and many will see it as such. To me, and please note I am not saying this in reference to you, it would indicate a childish behavior unbecoming of a business professional.

Analyze it this way, what do you have to gain? The patron who took advantage of you has no intentions to pay, and will likely use the tactic as a way to say “Well I was going to pay you, until you did this,” which would only add to your frustration. So the money will still be missing. You may get a couple of sympathizers who will tell you how horrible of a person the guy must be, but at the end of the day when they leave your establishment they will likely never think of him again. You may gain a personal sense of satisfaction temporarily from the “I’ll show him” mentality initially, but it will be short lived at best once the negatives set in.

Speaking of negatives, you will likely upset several customers. They may not be vocal about it, but public shaming for something “petty” is considered beneath many people, especially business owners, and unlike the few sympathizers you may gain these people will surely talk about their disgust with others, not in the person you picture but in your business. It is likely that some customers may choose to no longer patronize your establishment, and encourage others to do the same, perhaps out of fear that they will do something to end up on your “Wall of Shame”, or maybe just in simple disagreement with the tactic. Perhaps worst of all, after all is said and done you will not have your money back, nor will you have won your battle on principle.

Me personally, I would file a police report on the individual for theft, because at the end of the day that is what he did.

Hope my opinon helps in your decision.

If you can prove this guy “robbed” you; call the police. If you can’t, he could sue you for posting his face/name…

About a year ago I had a guy who couldn’t get his card to work in my machine. He said he would be back to pay in a few minutes. He didn’t come back. Last month he walked in the front door and paid me for the past debt and ordered $50 worth of food. He explained his card wouldn’t work in the bank machine either. He said he got called in to work and forgot to come back.

I had been temped to call the police and post the guys picture for all to see what a deadbeat he was. He has ordered 3 more times since then. I am glad I didn’t do anything about it.

Let it go.

Focus your limited time and energy into doing things that will grow your business. Instead of a shaming, post a heartfelt “thank you” to all the great customers that support you. Get yourself back into a positive frame of mind.

Brad nailed it, always look for a way to turn a negative into a positive.

my faith in humanity has been restored! Guy walks in today almost 2 weeks later and apologizes that he forgot that night and then went on vacation and just remembered…so glad I did not post on my biz page or even show his face on my personal page b/c that would have been awkward.

thank you all for the level-headed advice

Happy Thanksgiving!