Oven baking chicken strips and cheese sticks

Hello All,

Ive been expermenting with cooking cheese sticks and chicken tenders in my Bakers Pride Deck oven. Ive found that they cook best when I add a tiny amount of oil oin the pan with them. The oil gets a little smokey, but it cooks the cheese sticks and tenders very well. I was wondering if any of you try this method or what the problems/ drawbacks are? Thanks so much

Time and price.

We have tried finding the right chicken tender for years. The uncooked took about 20 minutes to cook but were fabulous. The pre cooked were expensive and not a great product. Like you we found that a bit of oil helped them cook. We tried everything…pre cooking, 1/2 cooking, oil, no oil, microwave then cook, dark pan, light pan, pan spray, frozen, thawed. Ugh.
We have thrown in the towel on a great one and now just offer a mediocore one for our kids menu.

As for cheese sticks…we never were able to find one that got crispy enough without exploding.


Keep the mozz sticks frozen until your cook them. Never had an issue.

Raw tenders just doesn’t make sense because of the time involved to cook – plus just dealing with raw product.