Oven Baking question

I am currently purchasing a closed down store with a Middleby Marshall oven. I have never used a conveyor oven and although I am planning on keeping it I do have a few questions:

  1. What kind of pans do I buy for this oven? I currently sell a pan pizza of normal thickness. Do I buy anodized pans or aluminum pan or how about disks?

  2. Who would I call to adjust the oven to bake my product? Or is this not needed?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi sspizza:

Most of our clients who bake in pans use an aluminum stacking pan with a dark non stick coating.
You can find them at the web site below. Other companies make the same type product. You may wish to shop around.


Assuming your oven is properly assembled you may be able to adjust it for your product yourself.
I would start with a five and one half minute bake time at four hundred fifty degrees. Run a pizza through.
If not baked to your standard raise or lower the bake time a bit. Continue to experiment until yo get what you want. I would not go over five hundred degrees on the temperature just use as much time as you need.

If you cannot get the bake you want you may have to get the local Middleby service agency in to help you.

George Mills

  1. Contact Lloyd Pans. Great company and specialize in pans. Anodized is better for transferring heat.
  2. George Mills can help you. Give him a PM. Depending on the age of the oven and the depth of your pockets, you may want to sell the MM and replace it with one of his great XLT ovens.

I’ve got an old stack of MM360’s & bake a medium thick pizza (22 oz/16") @ 460 deg/6.40 minutes…I use a part skim/whole milk mozz/prov blend while using the dark anodized disk…

I run one “Lightning” finger @ the entrance, one 1/2 finger @ the end & full open across the bottom…

I do use a bit of sugar in the dough (All Trumps flour) and a bit more oil than most…my dough is fermented at least for 2 days & I’ll stack it against any deck oven in town!

We are a hi-volume college store

Thanks for the info but what do you mean by a lightning finger and the other one? I assume full finger mean max heat, is that correct? What is the purpose of these? Thanks

Lightning fingers are those that are used by the old Pizza Huts…they drop down a bit further than others & have more holes…the other finger sits higher and has 1/2 the holes…

Hi Sspizza

Dewar stated above:" Depending on the age of the oven and the depth of your pockets, you may want to sell the MM and replace it with one of his great XLT ovens."

Just for you to consider:

Note XLT takes MM ovens in on trade.

The main reasons for trading in old Middleby’s and other ovens are, vastly reduced operating costs, ease of cleaning, two year parts and service warranty, lower replacement parts cost and most XLT users report much better bakes.

Older ovens Only burn, at best, 80% of the gas you pay for. The XLT converts 98% or better of the gas to heat. The electrical system is 110 volts rather then 220 and amps are also lower reducing electrical cost by almost 50%, Older ovens have a flue or exhaust pipe, required because they expel so much unburned gas. A vast amount of heat is expelled without doing any baking through those flue pipes. XLT ovens have no flue pipe all gas burned is used to bake product.

Middleby ovens are a bear to clean, They require substantial disassembly and often about 3 hours to complete the cleaning cycle. Due to the difficulty in cleaning they are rarely cleaned often enough and that effects the quality of the bake. XLT and most modern ovens can be cleaned in a few minutes thus can be cleaned more often for top performance.

The point is when an operator buys a used oven he shortly pays in increaser operating cost what he could have purchase an XLT for, plus continuing to pay higher operating cost as long as he continues to operate the old ovens.

George Mills

Mr Mills,

Thank You for your help. I totally agree that I will trade this oven in for an XLT down the road. I have been researching conveyor ovens and agree that the XLT is the one I want; however, right now I’m stuck with my MM because I am leasing the store for a year to see if this is a good place to be. Thanks again

Hi Sspizza
Good luck on your venture:
Anything we can do to help just ask.
George Mills