Oven Chamber length and profiling

Thinking of buying a new conveyor oven. My question is does a longer bake chamber (40" vs 60") give you more control on how the product is baked? Does it make it easier or harder to profile the oven?

I’m a firm believer that the more top and bottom fingers you have to work with the easier it is to get a precise profile for your oven. So look at the number of top and bottom fingers, the oven has, not just the length of the oven. The longer 70+ inch ovens are great if you have the room and need the production capacity they provide, but most of the new, shorter ovens have so many top and bottom fingers that you can get a really good baking profile without much trouble at all.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’m looking on purchasing an Avantec oven. Would the same logic apply since this oven has no fingers?

On the contrary, it has many fingres, with each row independantly adjstable with those long narrow plates. It is a great oven, we have used one at the NAPICS Show for the past two years now and we have been very pleased with it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor