oven cleaning and maintenance??

How do I find a local guy in my area to de-grease and calibrate me??

I am in Nashville…does anybody have a source?

What make and model ovens do you Have?

George Mills

go to your oven manufactures web site. they have authorized service centers listed on the site…most by state

Middlby marshall, I do not recall the exact model.

Yeah and that company is TERRIBLE.

They hosed me already pretty good.

sorry…USUALLY works!! good luck on the search

Try V-atech 800-700-9192 and GCs service 800-831-7174

Both are in Nashville and may be able to help you.

George Mills

we have a gas oven and fix it ourselves mostly.

mostly the oven needs grease to be put in every month.
try getting the manual for your oven and maybe have a mechanic look at it

most of these oven fixing companies don’t fix anything.
a local person is better

try getting in touch with one of your competitor’s mechanic.