Oven cleaning, belt removal

After COVID, it has become difficult to find anyone to clean our oven it is a MM PS 350. I’m thinking about cleaning it myself.

Everything seems pretty straight-forward, except the removal of the conveyor belt. Unlike the 360, which slides out and folds, the 350 requires the removal of the belt before proceeding. I don’t see any clear way of taking the belt apart. I thought there might be a “master link” or some such thing, but I don’t see it.

How do I take this belt apart?

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Find the master link and unhook it with a pair of needle nose. Roll up the belt and soak it in oven cleaner over night or longer if possible. Clean the conveyor frame while the belt is soaking.

It takes a little practice. The first time I removed a belt it took me the whole day. Now I do it in 60 seconds.

Thank you!

I’ve been looking for the master link, but just cant’ find it. Is it just one link or does it run across the entire belt? If it is one link, is it on the front or rear side?

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Its gotta be there somewhere. Sometimes I have to rotate the belt around 2 or 3 times before I see it when the belt is dirty. He’s a video of a guy doing it.

So this guy is reducing the belt lenght, but it is the same concept.

This one explains it much better

BOOM! You saved the day! Thank you!