Oven Cleaning

We have been open just over two months now, and things are going great. With the sales comes an increasingly dirty oven. We have a re-manufactured MM360, & it is working great. I just want to do my part to keep it running great for as long as possible.

My question for you all is, how often do you clean your oven?
Do you clean it yourself or do you hire an outside company to do it?
If you do it yourself do you have any tips? (online cleaning guide?)
If you pay an outside service, how much does it cost you?
Any other tips for keeping my oven in top form?

Thanks for all the help.

We have a stacked pair of MM wide belt ovens. Our crew cleans them in the slow season. It takes two guys about 4-5 hours to take down, clean and re-assemble one oven. It is a good way for us to provide hours during the slower season. We do it twice a year.

It just happens that this morning was oven cleaning day. We try to do it every 30-45 days but it sometimes stretches to 60 days. We have Edge 60 ovens and start to finish including the hood it takes 2 guys approx. 3 hours. The edge ovens disassemble very easily.

Hi TexasRookie

The best performing oven is a clean oven.

The MM PS 360 is the most difficult oven on the market to clean.

I placed thousands of PS 360 ovens nation wide. I often got calls from operators saying the customers were saying the pizzas tasted strange.

If the client was in driving distance I visited them. Those far distant I sent in a service man.

I or the service man would go through the laborious process of opening up the oven.

What we always found was trash that had fallen off the pizzas piled up on the bottom of the oven several inches high. Simple. They were baking their pizzas in a garbage can.

Cleaning the oven solved the problem.

You should clean your oven at least once a month. More often in very busy shops.

You probably will not because it is a real project to clean a MM PS 360

With the newer ovens where the entire front is easily removable many operators remove the fronts and clean the trash out every couple of weeks. It is just that easy to do.

George Mills