Oven cold on wall side

I have a MM 350. The wall side is baking lighter than the window side, which is counterintuitive.

Do you have suggestions on how to address?

did you get it cleaned recently, or is the oven new to you Because it sounds like the fingers were installed improperly.

I suspect finger issues as well. The 350 is old and there is no chart on it that I can find indicating finger placement. I haven’t been able to find one online either.

I was able to find a 360 manual with some tips on troubleshooting the finger assemblies, but nothing about proper finger placement. Any ideas/suggestions?

I had this problem with with my lincoln 1000. It was sending to much heat to the back of the oven. Sometimes people want the back or the front hotter for loaded pizzas, so they order special fingers with a certain type baffling to direct the heat more to the back or front. Baffiing is just the metal ramps inside the finger base.

there are 3 parts to a finger. the base(the big part), the insert and the cover.

my used lincoln had the last top and bottom finger with special BAFFILING to send extra heat to the back. and the 2 top middle fingers had INSERTS that were blocked off, but had normal base baffing.

so I just toke the 2 bases from the middle with normal baffling and put the inserts form the last top and bottom, and put them in the last top and bottom spot. then I toke the 2 bases from the last top and bottom and put the 2 blocked inserts in and put them in the 2 top middle spots

sounds confussing, but if you take out all 8 fingers(I assume MM has 8)(I just cleaned my new EDGE for the first time and it has 8 so I assume their all the same) and look at the bases and see differnt types of ramps It will make sense to you.

My new EDGE has a special type of INSERTS that are half and half,(half open and half blocked) but not from front to back, but in to out, so its possible I guess that you could have inserts that are blocking the back half of the insert.

you should call MM tech support 847-741-3300
I have called lincoln, edge, and perfect fry many times they walk me through my problems

I don’t think your going to find any charts on finger setups. Licocoln told me thats proprietary info. meaning he can’t tell me a finger setup because it may be the one Dominos uses.

I found a 360 manual which surprisingly had a section dedicated to the 350! That section describes my exact problem and it does seem to be a problem with the finger insert. The finger might have been dropped during the last cleaning, popping a rivet or otherwise moving the insert. We have a cleaning coming up, so it looks like I’ll be doing an overnight repair with the cleaning crew. Thanks for the help!!!

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I have a cleaning scheduled in a couple of weeks and I plan to stay there while they do it and inspect and possibly repair the fingers. Per the manual, the most likely candidate is that the shutter is misaligned, probably from a popped rivet. Has anyone ever realigned the shutter or otherwise made this type of repair? If so, any advice would be appreciated!

UPDATE: I spoke with MM tech support and while he was very polite, he was adamant that the 350 finger and the 360 fingers are the same. I told him the manual says differently and even pointed him to the page and diagram, but he refused to even consider it. So, he refused to answer my questions about how to properly drill and out and replace the rivets. He said I should just replace the finger.

In addition to that, he said that before replacing the finger, I should check four other other things. Belt timing, millivolts on thermocouple, gas pressure, and amp draw on the blower motors.

The only thing I haven’t already checked is the amp draw on the blower motors, but if that is the problem, that’s worse than the fingers. So, let’s hope that the finger(s) is it.

We cleaned the oven last night and got a good look at the fingers. Quite an eye opener.

Bottom deck - fingers in perfect condition and match the manual.

Top deck - not so much. One of the top fingers is clearly pounded together with a hammer and a big gap at the end. The bottom fingers were a mix of standard fingers, a P300 finger, and a Dominos’ style choke finger.

We ended up further pounding on the dented finger to lessen the size of the gap. We then moved it to the bottom deck (rarely used) and moved one of its fingers to the top. We left the P300 finger and the choke finger in its original locations. Top oven is now performing much better with even baking all the way across the top. The lower oven now has an uneven baking problem, though not as severe as prior. I will get a new finger and replace the dented one.

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