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I’ve never used deck ovens in my store, but I like the idea of using them. My 1st store is too busy for me to switch to decks, but my new store will not be as busy and the kitchen is very small. I found these Peerless Multi Deck ovens and they look like they would fit great. I am wondering how much different it will be for my staff to go from one store that has conveyors to one with a deck. How much will the customers notice, this store is in my hometown and alot of the customers have had my pizza from the conveyor ovens. How much moving of the pizzas will be required?

Peerless ovens are not a good choice IMO if you plan on doing a NY style pie. They are way under powered and not constructed very well. With the newer ovens, all brands, you will have to rotate the pies during the bake as well. That is why I use the old Blodgett 1000 ovens- no rotating and perfect even top/bottom/crust bakes with no rotating. Also launching pizzas successfully to the stones takes a lot of practice. Walter

As does staying on top of when pizzas are correctly baked and getting them out as well as rotating placement of new pies entering the oven so the stones recover. The first several pizza stores I worked in (1978-1983) all had decks and it required one of the more experienced crew to run them when things were busy.

The above are both correct. Peerless is not a top grade oven and it takes an experienced oven tender to operate any deck oven.
You would be best to install an Edge conveyor.
George Mills

I don’t miss the burns on the top of my wrist either!

Plus, depending upon the amount of toppings you put on your pizzas there can be a huge difference in the finished pies. Air impingement ovens do a great job of managing the moisture released by the vegetable toppings during baking to give you a drier pizza, while deck ovens, without the benefit of high velocity air circulation, will give you a wetter pie. The differences are not as great with lightly topped pizzas. In the same vein, DELCO pizzas can benefit more from an air impingement oven too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Peerless are the worst… Theyre for concession stand at best. Stay away, we had a double stack they only fit 3 pizzas(16") per deck. If youre doing more than $4000 a week they wont help at all just be a bottle neck

I know I am the oddball here because I absolutely love my 3-phase electric deck ovens (Sveba Dahlen) I have never baked in anything but a gas-fired deck oven before this, so I was a little biased and very concerned about the feasibility of having electric ovens in my kitchen when I got this property. I’d really like the opportunity to try an air impingement conveyor oven, I might really like them. I know it would make training a new guy easier.
A few props for our ovens;
We do not need to rotate pies while baking because we have a temperature differential adjustment that gives us a more even bake by the adjustment shifting the heating intensity from front to back. We also have independent controls for top heat & deck heat levels, and to top it off, glass doors and a lighted interior to easily see what is going on in the oven without gys opening doors for a peek and losing top-heat because of it.
It took me a while to get things set where I wanted them, but they are dialed in and run like a champs.
The loud “Clacking” sound of the 3-phase relays opening and closing during the end of warm-up was a bit annoying at first, but I do not even notice anymore.

we just switched to Edge conveyors after almost 30yrs using decks and Rotoflex…very happy with that decision…one less headache from the constant labor involved, more efficient, more consistent bake, better working conditions, more volume capacity in smaller footprint…case closed

@GotRocks You have a Sveba?? Where did you get it? I’ve heard crazy good stuff about them from my friend all the way back in SWEDEN where they are made. They’re supposed to have super quick recovery time.

The ovens were here when I bought the property, I heard that they were also stupid expensive at around $30K/Deck (I have a triple stack) I cannot verify the cost, just repeating what I have heard from the people involved at this location through it’s many owners before me.

Allegedly the original people who built and opened this place had these ovens shipped in a container, on a slow-moving ship from Europe to get them here.
Recovery Time;
We’ve had some fairly crazy nights here, with the ovens packed non-stop for hours on end, and I have never had heat recovery issues, So i agree.
When you here the magnetic contactors clacking away while baking, you know you’re working them hard.
They are great, some good engineering in them, they even have a damper you can open to vent excess heat if you ever get an over-temp situation.

I’ll see if I can get a picture or a video of them in action, or if you ever feel like being up to your butt in snow in Northern Wisconsin, stop by and try a pie.

After using several different brands over the years I fell in love with marsal and sons deck ovens. I would highly recommend giving them a look.

Edge! Amazing!!!


There’s a Canadian Distributor for the Sveba Dahlen ovens:


I’m far north, but not quite that far north, its still a 6-hour drive to cross the border. It’d be closer, but these big lakes get in the way

ahh takes me back to my childhood… now days i just have these huge mounds of dirt called mountains to drive around lol