Oven Energy Usage

Anyone recently upgrade their ovens to a newer model? What kind of energy savings have you seen? We have some ancient ovens and I know eventually I’m going to have to upgrade them, but it is going to be a chore… not to mention the cost involved. So I’m curious what kind of savings on my gas and electric bill I might see from a new model.

My utility bills keep going up, despite my new ovens. Probably the cost of natural gas is going up as well my sales, thus my ussage of natural gas are going up. I’ve never really looked at the Therms used, or KWH used.

the modulating gas valves for the impingement ovens seem to be a good idea…
I see them advertised to be retrofitted into the older ones, claims to n=be more efficient

…I have a Q-Matic and they claim to be more economical…
I use propane but do not have another oven to compare…
I use about 10 gallons or 40 pounds of propane per 200 pizzas.

Hi Scot;

Its difficult to pin down energy use as there are so many variables. Size and number of pizzas baked, temperature of the product going into the oven, room temperature, and some more subtle conditions such as cleanliness of the oven. Yes a clean oven is more efficient.

New XLT ovens, Lincoln and Middleby ovens all operate for at least 30% less than the older models that are generally offered on the used market. These ovens, as far as I know, offer the lowest operating costs.

There are many other factors to consider. Consider the initial cost of the ovens, consider the length of the warranty, consider ease of cleaning, consider the requirement for regular maintenance, consider the eventual cost of replacement parts and consider ease of delivery and installation.

George Mills