Oven headaches

We re-opened a previous business that had closed and are using Lincoln 1000 series impinger ovens (remanfactured within last 1-2 years). In our top oven the pizza is cooking too hot on the top and crust is not browning well. We are running the oven at 425 for 6mins 30 sec. Thinking a different finger arrangement might help but not sure where to start. Any suggestions ?

I have my oven set top fingers open closed closed open and bottom fingers open open open open.

Can you switch the top and bottom fingers in that oven?

Also, your baking temperature seems to be a bit low, a good many shops bake at 445F or more with a bake time in the 5 to 5.75-minute range. Make sure your oven is set up with full open fingers across the entire bottom, the top is then configured to achieve the desired top bake. Daddio’s top finger configuration is a good place to start.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The posts above are on the mark.
George Mills