Oven help

I have an older oven without a faceplate. I believe it is a vulcan and it is 42000 btu, single deck that holds 6 16" pizzas at a time. It has two burners under the stones and a damper on the side. I has no top heating. During peak times I have issues with bottom overcooking. I am curious as to solutions to this problem. i do not want to cut back on sugar, and might try a thicker screen. Would a fan to circulate the air inside help the top bake of pizzas? Could I add an aftermarket heating electric coil to the top on the oven to heat it more? (I have 220 outlet next to the oven).

Any suggestions would be great!

PS- I do not have the money to purchase a new oven right now!

I noticed in your other post you take them off the screen on a normal day…I am assuming you stop doing this during the rush.

We have an ol Vulcan too, about 14 years old. What are you setting your oven at?

We do as the other posters suggested and on the rare occassions it does happen we double screen during cooking. What I find unusual is usually the stone gets cold where the screens are and we tend to take the pizzas off the screens way earlier during a rush. Do you know how to rotate the pizzas in the oven? Do you notice it more when a particular person is tending ovens?

HI mattbau43

GM:You indicate you have an oven that holds 6-16 in pizzas and has only 42000 BTU ?
Ovens of that capacity are usually 120000 BTU fully 2/3 more than what you are operating with.
I think you just do not have the BTU’s to do what you are trying to accomplish.

George Mills