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Any recommendations on where to get a new hood for my conveyor oven? We are moving to a new location and the old one wont pass the code cause it supposedly needs to be ul listed. We had that one made at a sheet metal shop so no ul listing. The oven I am using is an edge 60. Any help is much appreciated.

Get ahold of George Mills on the TT as he is all over the ventilation issues and has good advice if he can not fit the bill.

Thanks for the recommendation Mike.

The critical thing with ventilating Is to keep the amount of make up air required to a minimum.

The code requires that all exhausted air be returned to the building. That air to be not more than 10 degrees cooler than room temperature. Therefore if your area can encounter temperatures below 70 degrees you will need a heating unit built in to your make up air system. Many jurisdictions do not mandate that summer make up air be cooled. If there is no cooling system built into the make up air unit Super heated air of the hot roof is brought into the building during warmer months. That situation over taxes the air conditioning system and is the cause of many pizza shops being intolerably hot in the summer.

We solve that problem by using a certified hood that does not exhaust much air and we return all but about 800 cfm of air directly into the hood. As we only pull about 800 cfm of air out of the building and can use some of the fresh air normally supplied by the A/C system for that air.

Not only does our system keep th shop cooler than the usual- hood make up air unit but it saves substantially on the cost of operation of other systems. A standard hood with make up air Will cost about $1.40 per cfm per year yo operate. That type hood for the edge 60 would exhaust about 5600 cfm and need that much make up air.That is Possibly $7000.00 expense depending on geographical location.

If you are interested in further information you can phone me @ 734 469 4504. Or E mail Pizzaovens@aol.com

George Mills

George, if I may ask… What code is that? IMC? Would you know which specific section(s) are relevent?

Also, you mention certified hoods. What certification is that?

Many thanks, I’m just starting to dig into pmq forums and your posts are always very informative.

I used hoodmart on the web. They were great with everything I needed. I have conveyor ovens so it was a large compensating hood (6x9) with minimal cfm.

Hi John:

George, if I may ask… What code is that? IMC? Would you know which specific section(s) are relevant?

That is covered by the building code BOCA I believe is the moniker. I do not know the specific section. We work with several architects and they use the entire code so they subscribe to that code and get all the up dates. We get the pertinent Ventilation regulations from them.

Also, you mention certified hoods. What certification is that?

Most hood manufacturers have their hoods certified by ETL, " Equipment Testing Laboratories" They Test the hoods and certify the minimum exhaust rates required. They also certify the electrical characteristics and that the hoods meet the NFPA, " National Fire Protection Association" specifications.

George Mills

Most competent hood manufacturers offer compensating hoods Only two that I know of are certified at 800 CFM or less for a hood of your size.

I would hope that your hood CFM was low enough that you did not require a make up air unit?

George Mills

Lot of good info on your website george. I guess the thing that gets me is the way codes are enforced in this matter. The location we are moving to has more than sufficient makeup air and it is even conditioned makeup. The problem is the local code enforcement officer says he doesnt care what we put on as long as we get a stamped drawing stating what we have is ok. So we hire someone to do this and he tells us we either have to buy a ul listed hood or buy everything from him. He is an engineer that sells equipment on the side. At this point i would rather buy one that is ul listed than buy from this guy.

Hi BC:

Apparently that fellow thinks you have no other options:

Phone me at 734 469 4504 or E-mail pizzaovens@aol.com WE will see if we can solve your problem.

George Mills

Will do George… I will get ahold of you sometime monday Thanks!