Oven Inspection?

Is there such a thing where someone can come out and inspect your ovens and give a “reliability” report?
Basiclly, we have a party interested in our shop but they want the ovens inspected as part of the purchase agreement… (yeah were selling… scott or i will make an official post if anything after anything happens)

What do you guys think?

  • Rob

I am sure you could get a service guy to come out and say the oven is in fine working order, and maybe ease their fears a bit by telling them what could go wrong and what sort of ballpark cost it would be to fix them if it happened.

I would put them in touch with your appliance repair guy. The buyer should pay for the inspection for two reasons:

  1. They buy wants the inspection and the inspector should be working for them so there is no conflict.
  2. If it is the appliance guy that you use, they will both want a relationship with each other.