oven/p.o.s question

anybody ever work with a bari m6ps pizza oven or a aldelo p.o.s system… A place I am looking at buying is using it and I have no personal experience with those products. If you do please share.

I use aldelo pos. What system do they have?


not sure the exact program just know the brand

Aldelo is good but the service is expensive!


if your not happy with the pos software, you can just buy a license from a different pos and use your equiptment to run it.

Hi matteo_0144

I have attempted to get some information on the Bari oven as I have never heard of it before.

Apparently they are assembled in a small shop and sold by an equipment dealer in New York that has the same name.

I would check that the oven is UL Or ETL approved and has NSF certification.

George Mills

just trying to find out about the ovens because this store is using them and I wanna know how they perform and what they are worth incase id like to get different ovens in there.

Hi Hi matteo_0144

As I stated I know nothing about the performance of those ovens but as to what they are worth not much. They apparently sell new for about half of the price of the name brand ovens. About $6,000.00 per deck.

I would caution you as I do all that are buying existing operations that you will be required to bring the establishment up to the current Building, Health and Fire Marshal’s codes. Nothing will be Grand Fathered in you will be starting out as new.

George Mills

I am not sure if that might just be in your area… here in ohio i did get grandfathered in when i bought my place 5 years ago. they did an inspection that they hadnt done for the last half year and that was it. might be different in other places

This is the first time I have heard of a new owner being grand fathered in. Perhaps the place was up to code.
I would not depend on that happening again and would request a pre purchase inspection by all three jurisdictions.

George Mills