Hi ! Otis Gunn ;
I am in the Need of some Help; Here Goes :

( 1 ) I own a Italian Rest. and are going to buy a Pizza oven . The choice I am Making is that of a Comstock-Castle Double Oven ( Two Units Stacked ) ; Model # 2P031 LP Gas ; ( THE REASON IS LACK OF ROOM IN MY KITCHEN ) This will allow me to Place the oven between my Convection Ovens and my Stove , Can you tell me anything about the oven ?

( 2 ) What would be the Best type of Pizza to Make in this Oven ? Thin Crust , Pan, Etc ? I am New to Pizza Making ( Any Dough Recipes would be Greatly Appreciated !
Please Help !

Thank You , lawizardpa :? :?:

Check the recepie bank on this site. It has some really good recepies for all the types you are looking for and then some! Good luck!