Oven question for everyone to answer

Hello TT people and the members of the newly formed subsidiary known as the “Fat & Bald TT” :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering if you would all share what types of ovens you are all using and your average max output during peak hours. Thanks for all your responses in advance.

ancient, gas, Bakers Pride x 2. Two times six at a time, and about 50 max an hour.

Double stack Doyon FC2G, 105 14" pies per hour (if I could sell 105 pies every hour I am open :smiley: )

Triple stack Blodgett 3270’s. 10 minute cook time. 146 14" pizzas per hour max.

Double Stack Garland AirDecks 12 18in pies every 7 1/2 minutes, no recovery time on the airdecks

Double stack Lincolns. I figure about 160-170/hr at current settings, however the largest single order for 14" pizzas was for 72 and they were knocked out in less than 25 minutes. We just don’t get large orders for pizzas, but we can certainly jam up both ovens when we’re busy. Bread-sticks, Ribs, Wings, and other ovenables, on top of pizzas. One day we will upgrade to new ovens, but for the present, these old guys certainly do what they were built for, and well.

Bakers pride 4 pie ovens (2). you can get 5 in each if your skilled. Max 40, maybe 50 if my oven guy keeps the door closed!

I wish I was using the marsal. I hear its the best deck on the market.

Baker’s Pride 602 talking 16" pies . . . 12 at a time . . . 48 per hour in all practicality (about 60 by the math). We actually do a blend of 10/12/16 and can pump close to 70 all sizes said and done.

Double stack Lincolns,150\HR 14"

same as Pakula’s

thanks for the Bald and Fat TT shoutout! We need a slogan though…like someone’s old tag line “never trust a skinny pizza guy…and if he still has hair, he’s not worried enough about your food”

Stack of two MM wide-belt. Max output of 16" pizzas with 7 minute cook time would be about 200 pies. Practical max with variable spacing, different sizes and adding in wings, poppers, bread sticks etc etc is about 120 as measured by incoming orders on the POS.

Not bald yet.

YET :stuck_out_tongue:

Pizza Cottage in Ohio uses 2 Avantec 3242-2s.

On Friday night, the owner says that his 2 Avantec ovens produce over 300 pizzas per hour. Not sure about the exact bake time.

You can watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/10696753

rotoflex the only way

How many pies per hour?

check it out at www.rotoflexoven.com