Oven question for George Mills

I have a Lincoln 1050 that usually works great. The only time it breaks is when it is loaded with extra large pizzas for school orders. This does not happen every time, but it is a big hassel when it does. The problem i think im having is the power burner stops cycling. i lose temp and by the time i realize its to late. Any help would be great.

Hi mrschleg

Try as I can I cannot figure exactly what can be causing your problem.

I only guess that your oven might be over heating a bit when loaded down with extra large pizzas causing the high limit switch to shut the oven down. Check that the thermostat is cutting off at the temperature it is set for and back in at a few degrees below that setting. Could be that the thermostat is defective itself and /or if allowing the oven to get to hot may effect the high limit switch.

The possibility also is that the high limit switch may be defective.

The problem with a failure that only occurs intermittently is that a technician has to be on hand to check components when the oven is in failure or he can just start replacing parts until the problem no longer occurs.

Sorry I cannot give you a for sure answer.

George Mills

Thanks for the response George, I have been going through the parts changing phase with out tech. Ill ask him about those parts. Thanks again

I have a stack of lincoln 1000’s
I was told that my gas line is undersized for how long the gas line is from the meter to the oven (1" , 200’)
and that if overloaded with pizzas for a while the gas wouldn’t keep up.
Luckily we haven’t had any problems so far.


You can negate the small gas line problem by raising the pressure at the regulator by the meter and adding a local regulator at the ovens and one at each other component. We had to do this when we switched from propane to natural gas. Those regulators are pretty inexpensive and we have not had the hint of a problem since we switched over even though our gas line was undersized for natural gas. Talk to your gas man and see if local regulators are right for you.


Hi Jackaloo. and Mrschleg

You make a good point about gas lines. I assumed that Mrschleg’s ovens had been installed for a while and that his was a recent problem.

If the Problem Has existed from the start there is a poss ability that an under sized gas pipe or low gas pressure could cause a falling off of heat but I have never encountered that situation shutting down the oven as Mrschleg indicates.

For both your information, if you are not now aware, a 1 in gas line is ok for Lincoln 1000 or 1050. up to 200 ft You can set your gas pressure at the oven up to 14 inch water column pressure without adding a regulator. If other equipment is to be on the same gas line that will have to be calculated into the sizing of the gas line.

George Mills