Oven Questions RE: Peerless & Attias and new store questions

Hello everyone! after years away from the pizza biz I am thinking about getting back into it.
I have a few Questions I owned a Dominos in the late 90s when I bought the store it had 4 Bakers pride Y-600 ovens then as part of a requirement from corporate went to MM 360’s I am interested in opening a new store as an independent. Here are my questions.

  1. If any of you opened a store from ground up what were your first week sales compared to break even and how long did it take you to get to break even. I will have around $15-20k left in the bank at opening with a break even of 3200-3500 depending on the rent of final location, I did an analysis doing $1050 in sales the first week and growing week over week by $15 per day($105 a week). At that rate I would be OK When I purchased my store years ago it was a going concern so I don’t have any experience with a new start up. I did however raise sales from 3500 a week to 7500 a week in about 8 months, but to be honest the store had been beat up and not promoted for years prior.

2.Looking at Ovens the location I really want Is a little tight on space so I have been looking at Peerless 2348P ovens they have one fire box feeding 4 decks with only 96,000 BTU and the decks are only 1" thick. So I am a little concerned about them bogging down. Can they handle multiple 60 pie hrs in a row?

3.The Other ovens I have looked at are Attias they seem to be a bakers pride clone at far less cost. but space comes into play I am curious of anyone has used them. I think I will be going with Point of Success as my POS. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Hi Warren:

I would not use the peerless. you need heat under every deck.

I have no experience with the Attias ovens and have no clients using them.

Get the bakers pride if you can

George Mills

Thanks George. I was thinking king that as well. I looked at a BP451 the other day and it had one pipe for the manifold running right to left in the very front of the oven. The y600s run lengthwise. Front to back. The manifold on the 451 seemed weird. Is That how they are or has it maybe been modified?

[SIZE=14px]I am quite sure the 451 has always been that way. 80,000 BTU

the d 125 is basically the same size but 105,ooo BTU

George Mills[/SIZE]

I used peerless ovens when I opened they were awful no power at all. Only 4 pizzas per deck if you were a pro at placing them… Stay away from those