Oven refurb in Georgia?

I am looking for a Bakers Pride deck oven refurb/repair place in Georgia or Alabama. Anyone know of such a place? I suspect we could get an onsite visit from somewhere if close enough . . . . not gonna load into a truck and drive to FL or TN or anything. Just needs some work I cannot get to, and may be able to pay for it to get done right. I cold even use a pointer where to look for such a creature.


I am not the dumb@ss I appear to be. I posted, then realized that if I had read that post, I would have told the OP to go to the Bakers Pride website and look for licensed service companies for warranty service. Sooooo . . . I found one outside Atlanta in Smyrna.

If anyone has another good tech, I will gladly take the name and mention you referred me.

Nick, I’ll hope to stop in and eat at your place this week. No guarantees, because we’re not sure of schedules, but my stepson is in Basic at Ft Benning. It depends on how things work out with his dad–who really doesn’t want to be in the same place as my wife and me (and HE is the triple Black Belt!).

If we get there, it will be either Wednesday or Thursday early afternoon. I’m hoping 1)you’re open and 2)you’re there yourself.


The place I am doing some research for isn’t open. . . . . and sadly, I closed my place last fall. It is with heavy heart that I don’t have a joint to enjoy together :frowning:

Oh well…any suggestions, then?

Not in my little neck of the woods. I’ve not found a lot of indies to connect with. Wait . . . . Oz Pizza in Fairburn is good food from a good man. Reopend almost a year after a fire toook out the whole block. It is not far off the interstate . . . . exit 61 . . . . Grantville is exit 35. Atlanta airport is like 75.

I"m sure if I tell him you sent me, he’ll charge me double, if not triple…

Thanks, Nick! Our plans may continue to change, given family dynamics, but that may be a very good pit stop for us. Best of luck to you and all.


Hey, if you do make your way that way, with 45 to 50 minutes notice I could meet you there for a pie! Just let me know , . . . day/time or just call when you head north. We’d visit and kibbitz about the business.

I’ll PM my cell number just in case.