oven speed

if my belt speed is at 5 minutes and and Its 32 wide, what is my volume per hour on 14 inch pizzas?
part 2 if my belt is only 24 inches (cant get 2 across) whats the volume

Depends upon the length of the chamber. A belt cooking at 5 minutes through a Lincoln 1400 with a 40 inch chamber will move much slower than a belt cooking at 5 minutes through a Middleby 570 with a 70 inch chamber. a 70 X 32 inch belt cooking at 5 minutes can cook about 100 14" pizzas per hour, a 55 X 32 inch belt can cook about 80 per hour and a 40 X 32 inch belt can cook about 60 per hour. On a 24" oven you shoul get slightly better than half of the above estimates.

oops both are 55’s

The 1st you can calculate at the Avantec website. It says 94 per hour.

The 2nd is a trigonometric nightmare… as you would have to stagger them like this:

…O O O O (two offset rows)

…to pack the oven full.

I’m already working on the solution on a piece of paper in front of me… darn you!

Edit: Okay, what exactly is “Belt Speed” considered to be? Is it the time it takes a single point (or link) on the belt to move from the opening of the chamber to the end/exit of the chamber? My Excel spreadsheet is saying 86 pizza can be cooked in an hour following that idea for the 1st scenario.

Double Edit: I got it now. By using 1" pizzas I can see that their calculation doesn’t factor in the time it takes to cook a pizza - just the time it takes to “feed” each one.

Brad the stagger is not necessary on the 32" belt as two 14" pizzas can fit side by side. On the 24 inch belt a little stagger will gain a small amount of space. I calculated just one hour with a 5 minute lead time to allow for the first pizzas to come out. In the remaining 55 minutes, the belt will move 605 inches. Allowing 15 inches for each 14" pizza should yield just over 80 pizzas in the two rows on a 32" belt. The Avantec calculator doesn’t account for the lead time so is a little misleading if trying to time when to start loading a large order.


Hi -Rockstar:

The absolute maximum production with a 40 in long bake chamber is 78.37 with a 55 in chamber 107.76
The chances of achieving that production under normal conditions are none . Generally orders do not come in and get prepared to bake so that the belt can be kept full with no space between pizzas.

For all practical purposes a 24 in wide belt would cut those figures in half.

George Mills

Gotcha, I was figuring the screen was 14" and the employees were feeding/packing machines.

On the 2nd scenario with the stagger, if my trigonometry is correct a 24" wide/55" long chamber should be able to cook 61 pizza with a 14" screen (or 50 pizzas with a 15" screen) in one hour. It’s like cooking one row where each pizza after the 1st is just under 10" in length for a 14" screen (or a 12" for a 15" screen). I’ll post me solution later if anyone wants to check my trigonometry.

Brad you numbers were wayyyy off, the actual total was zero, you didn’t factor in that on Sunday the day of our biggest order the igniter would go out. OMG what a scramble that turned out to be