oven spring

my dough recipe is 25 lb. high gluten flour al trumps… 14. lb water 1…25 oz. instant yeast … 4 oz sugar 7.5 oz salt and 12 oz… soy bean oil… I put the water in the bowl first then add flour then salt , sugar, yeast start mixer, mix 2 min then add oil…mix anouther 10… min… I cook in a middleby 350 oven… at 6.25 min, at 495…but i dont get the oven spring that I would like… sometimes the dough wants to fall… what will help ?/ Russell

Your dough formula looks to be in good balance so we can set that aside as the cause. Now, lets look at your dough management procedure. Exactly what do you do with your dough from the time it comes off of the mixer until you use it. Please provide each step as well as times and temperatures. Also, what kind of pizza asr you making?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom , We cut and ball the dough strait out of the mixer, put the dough in trays, stack them in the walk in cooler,35-40.deg… some times the dough is used that nite but its mostley used the next day… we make hand tossed pizzas cooked on screens…we make 19 oz. balls for 15…in… pizzas…13…oz… for…12 in… and 5 oz… for 8 in…we pull the dough out of the cooler to get room temp… before use…

What is the finished dough temperature? Do you cross-stack the dough boxes in the cooler? Do you oil the top of the dough balls? Do you bring the dough out of the cooler 60 to 90-minutes prior to opening the dough up into skins? You indicate that you pull the dough from the cooler and allow it to come to room temperature before using it. This is way too long, and it might be resulting in excessive fermentation, which weakens the dough structure, and could result in lack of dough performance or oven spring. I also checked your dough weights using Pi X R squared. Using your 15-inch size with a dough scaling weight of 19-ounces as the standard, your 12-inch calculates out to 12.25-ounces and the 8-inch calculates out at 5.5-ounces. These are the calculated dough weights using a specific dough weight of 0.1073-ounces per square inch of surface area. This is the specific dough weight of the 15-inch pizza with each of the other dough weights adjusted to the same specific dough weight. I’ve rounded the weights to the next higher 1/4-ounce increment.
One last thought, do you know what your top and bottom finger profiles are? If the top profile starts out with a full open, you might be crusting the dough over too soon in the oven, thus inhibiting any oven spring. By going to a closed or partial finger in the first top position, you can achieve better dough volume/height/oven spring.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Any chance you are using hot water to make the dough? If your water temp is too high when you add the yeast you could be killing the yeast.

I remember somewhere that Tom mentioned you are not to put yeast and salt together in the bowl. Add water, salt, sugar, flour and yeast in that order. Long time ago, I had the problem with not rise and realized (thanks Tom),
that the salt and yeast will cancel each other out.