Oven swap tonight

Tonight my Lincoln X-2 will be replaced with a new Edge 60 conveyor oven. Mark from MF and B will be arriving tommorow and will fine tune the oven to cook my product. If all goes well, I will put a triple stack of these in my store. If not, I can return it and a second XLT will be ordered. I’m pretty confident that it’ll work well as we’ve already test cooked some pizzas in it off a trailer with a propane tank and they cooked pretty well. It’ll get put to the test quickly as there is a home football game next weekend and I’ll need both it and my XLT to have a chance to keep up with the orders. I’ll keep posting about how it’s performing as there’s not many of these ovens out there yet.

Did you manage to sell the one you are removing?

Not yet, will put it in my garage tonight while I figure out what to do with it. I may try bringing it to a restaurant equipment auction in either Orlando or Tampa to see what it brings. All I know is that it can’t stay in my garage long or my wife will kill me!

Garage? Is that the storage shed that is attached to the house?

I figured when I saw your other thread you were replacing the Lincoln with an XLT.

Looking at these “Edge” ovens, they look just like the XLT, even the wooden handle.

What’s the difference?

I would have went with another XLT except for the heat it puts out on both ends. It’s enough to burn your hands opening something wrapped in foil going into the oven. I thought it was just my oven till one of our other stores bought one and its exactly the same. I still think it cooks better than any conveyor I’ve used, I’m just hoping that with the owner of the company setting up my Edge, it’ll end up cooking as well.

As far as similarities and differences, the largest is that the Edge has a 60" cook chamber, my XLT has a 70" although XLT also has a 55" model. The Edge has only a 20" window, my XLT has a much larger one. My XLT has two burners, two temp controllers, two sets of switches. I’ve never quite understood why? The Edge has a “modulating” gas valve that will supposedly save me close to 25 cents per hour over a typical gas valve. Not sure if my XLT has this. The Edge ovens will cost me less than the XLT 55" or 70". The really interesting part is the “modular” design that allows for removing the whole control box that houses everything but the blower motor, all gas lines, valves, temp and time controllers, conveyor motor. If something goes wrong, I’ll have a spare box that requires 8 bolts and one plug to replace. Ship the broken one to the manufacturer to be repaired and shipped back.

I’ll know alot more tommorow once we get it set up.

Yes, I’ve noticed the same with the XLT in one of our stores - just thought I was imagining things about the amount of heat the blows out of that thing. Otherwise it’s great.

Interesting about the swappable module. Does the spare come with the oven?

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Interesting about the swappable module. Does the spare come with the oven?

Part of the bargaining process. I will get it at a discounted rate if I do purchase two more to make a triple stack.

You will like dealing with Mark. We bought some refurbed lincolns from him for another store and he was great to work with. He has also given me tons of help on my lincolns here over the phone and via e-mail.


The EDGE60 ovens should only cost you about 65 cents per hour to operate (natural gas and electrical cost) I am sure you will be pleased with the performance and energy usage.

So I pulled the trigger today and ordered my next two Edge ovens to complete my triple stack. After using one for the week I like the cook and love how quiet it is and how little heat it blows out the ends. It’s definatly hard to get used to not having 2 belts running at all times like I had with my Lincoln X-2. We made it through the busy weekend with the Edge on 100% of the time and the XLT on for probably 60% of the time. So far, nothing but positive feedback on both the oven and the company.