Oven Temp

I have Blodgett steel double deck ovens. What temp should I cook pizza at? We are using a hand tossed thin crust. Thank you for any assistance

I will defer to others as to the temperature at which to bake pizzas

I will point out that the thing called the thermostat, on a deck oven, I call that a wishostat. You are just wishing the oven is at the temperature selected.

To know what the actual temperatures in your oven you need two thermometers. One should be an oven thermometer which should be hung about half way between the oven deck and the top of the oven to show how much heat is being supplied on the top of the pizza the other is a grill thermometer, its shaped like a hockey puck and sets flat on the deck so you know what your deck temperature is.

George Mills

Thanks George. I am using an oven thermometer sitting on the deck in the bottom oven. It says the temp is 525 degrees in the bottom deck. The problem is the bottom of pizza is getting black and the cheese is not melted. We are cooking on the top deck on parchment paper.

Hi 10 pin pizza

Obviously you have lots of deck temperature. Hang the thermostat well above the deck and see what the temperature is. Cool the thermostat down first.

You did not say if your damper for top heat was full open.

George Mills

Ok George. Ya got me. I don’t even know if I have a damper on these ovens

Let’s get a little clarification. Would you be baking on a Blodgett 981 with steel decks? 2 decks and one burner box? What model Blodgett are you using?

Hi 10 pin pizza

My goof Blodgetts do not have dampers.

George Mills

Yes Nick they are Model 981.

George we all make a goof now and then.