oven temp?

jsut wondering what everybody runs their deck ovens at. i run mine at 425* and kick it up a hair when its gets full. the reason i ask is that a new purveyor came to me today pushing grande, and he said when he had a shop, he ran it a 500* -550*!!

any thoughts?

500 - 550 here.

We run our Blodgett 981 unit at 525F to 560F. Our pies would oil out and get tough at 425. That is us in our oven, though.

im at 425 and turn up to 450 when it gets busy

oh yeah blodgett 1000 :shock:

oh yeah, blodgett 1060B’s, no screens or perf trays. nick, scootie, do you use screens?

screens, aye.

how high these ovens van go?

My oven is a Bakers Pride 351. I bake on parchment sheets.

HI Guys:

I would suggest that you get an oven thermometer and leave it in your deck ovens.

No deck ovens that I know of come with direct reading thermostats and therefore you do not know what the actual oven temperature is. This is critical in busy periods to estimate how long to leave the pizzas in the oven.

Just because you have set the thermostat at a temperature does not guarantee that the oven is at that temperature.

Also just because the pizza appears to be baked on the outside does not always indicate that the inside is properly baked.

George Mills

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I do have an oven thermometer and agree that it is a good idea to have one.

we have one, too. Life without one is a total gamble and shot in the dark as to the temp of the deck.

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525 - 550 here

I run 4 Blodgett 1060B units and run then at 490-500. We run out of heat towards the end of the dinner rush and have to juggle the pies to cook correctly. We run about 175-250 pies through the oven but are looking to make a change…anyone have ideas on how to dial them in better or get better performance before looking into a different oven.

Yep, they tend to cool down when you do volume and pull the heat out. You could heat em up a little higher before the slam but risk changing the bake quality. If the existing ovens are working fine, you could add a few ovens.I saw you inquire about the Peerless. I used Comstock Castle pizza ovens(3-double stacks) for my mobile food business and they worked quite well. There are several different sizes with 2 stones per oven. The bottom stone crisps the crust so the top stone is best for preheating heavy topping pizza such as a veggie before finishing it on the bottom stone.