Oven Temperature at night

We Use Bakers Pride Deck Ovens
During working hours we keep the ovens at 500 degrees
at night when we close up we set them to 375

In the morning we turn them back up to 500 and
wait for about 15 minutes to get up to temp.

I feel that the ovens are using a lot of gas during non working hours.
I don’t see shutting them off as an option because they take 2 hours to heat to 500

Should i set them at a lower temp than 375?
What do you do with your ovens at night?

I would like some feedback from everyone on this matter
thank you

My oven works at 555. I shut it off completely and in the morning it is still 340. It only take 75 minutes to get back to 555. I don’t have a bakers pride oven. My oven is a Veroforno 4 deck oven.


I shut my Blodget deck ovens off completely at night. They take about 60-90 minutes to get to 600. I’ sure I use more gas than if I would leave them on 24 hours, but I think I would sleep even less than I do already, knowing my 600 degree ovens were on at night.