Oven temperature loss.

Is it normal to have to continually adjust oven temperature, or should I be able to expect that the oven maintains even heat regardless of frequency of use?
Sorry to ask such a newbie question. I’m having a lot of trouble controlling the heat in my oven. When I open and shut the door a lot, like I do when I have a rush, the bottom heat drops. Sometimes to the point that the pizza only gets heat from above, and consequently does not bake. I compensate for this by raising the temperature below and that helps, but then when I later have a quiet period it gets way too hot. I suspect that something is wrong with my oven, but would like to get a second opinion in here… It’s a “Pizza Group SRL” electrical oven and I make Italian style Pizza, baked directly on the stone. The oven is set to (in Celsius): 315 degrees on top and 165 degrees below, but gives everything between 290-320 on top and 210-250 below.

anty tips?

I used to have a similar problem. My oven would lose alot of heat when it was used alot. I am not sure about electric ovens because I have only had experience with gas. How old is your oven? Does it have alot of insulation?

The oven was new a year ago, and we’ve had the problem since we got it.
Insulation… I’m not sure what the specs of the oven are on that, but we have nothing added, if that’s what you mean…

One of the biggest problems when it comes to setting the temperature is maintaining even heat, like I said, but also to have consistancy in the ratio top-bottom. It either gets to hot below, not hot enough below or not hot enough above. This leads me to think that I could have higher heat on top, but that also increases the lower heat.

What settings do you guys use?

Mine are 600 F on top and 460 below.


It isn’t an oven I’ve seen anyone mention here before.

Have you called their customer/technical support people? What did they say?


Heat loss is a common problem with deck ovens. That gadget called the thermostat is only a wishostat, you just wish that was the temperature in your oven.

As I have often done, I point out that the temperature in the new air impingement ovens such as the XLT does not vary more than 3 degrees no matter how many pizzas you put through,No matter how many hours of operation.

George Mills