oven times in relation to baked appearance

I have been looking at different ovens for my 2nd store. I have studied 2 in depth.They are the xlt and the pro series by Pizza Equipment Supply.
The Pro series claims to have a 4 min bake time. I currently cook at 450 for 6.30. If I start cooking at 4 min., what is going to change in order for my crust to still come out looking like it does with my lincoln 1450. Higher temp? Surely I don’t have to change my dough formula!!!
Any ideas from others, and hopefully Tom Lehmann, on cooking from 6.30 to 4 and the result it gives the pizza crust.

I do not bake pizzas but have hundreds of customers who do.

None of the groups we service believe in fast baking pizzas, which most all could do just by upping their temperatures and speeding up the belts.

Its like cooking a stew. You could take some water toss in some chunks of meat and vegetables put it in a microwave oven and it would be cooked in a few minutes but it would be a lousy stew.

Most believe a slower bake gives the flavors time to blend together and thus produce a better tasting product.

Other may have a different opinion.

George Mills

So, if I purchased a fast baking oven, but I wanted the slow cook, could I just simply use the same time and temp as now, or will the double blowers in the pro series mess up the pizza?
Does the xlt have double blowers and what is the adv and disadv of having 2 blowers? besides the added cost of maintainence with 2 vs 1.

I do believe the xlt’s have a single blower. Yes, to bake slower on a conveyor just play with you time and temp (slower time, lower temp) until you are happy.

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:07 pm Post subject: Re: oven times in relation to baked appearance

So, if I purchased a fast baking oven, but I wanted the slow cook, could I just simply use the same time and temp as now.

I would think that would work.

or will the double blowers in the pro series mess up the pizza?

I do not think the double blowers would be a problen.

Does the xlt have double blowers?

Not on ovens with less than a 70 inch bake chamber. Two burner and blower systems are used on the XLT 3270

What is the adv and disadv of having 2 blowers? besides the added cost of maintainence with 2 vs 1.

I see no advantage or disadvantage except for as you observe .

George Mills

I read about one guy who said that running a wood fired (or maybe it was coal) oven at around 850 to 900 degrees would make the best pizzas in about two minutes. He has said that this is what they do in the award winning, old school, pizzerias in Italy. He did not have a restaurant, he was doing it at home. He said that he modified his home oven by removing the locking mechanism on the door and then running the self-cleaning cycle, which he said reached those temperatures. Is this guy full of it? His web page really seemed like he knew what he was doing.

That’s a different style of pizza.
Like this -
http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f … URG7UG.DTL

good article, thanks, I hope Tony gets the wood burning oven going…
If you can find a real wood burning or coal burning pizzeria in your area, go there and you can get a feel for how it is done.
In Phoenix, AZ there is Bianco Pizzeria with 2 wood burning ovens and Patsy Grimaldis, several locations with coal ovens…
They both bake pizza in about 2 to 3 minutes and they are simple and tasre great…
done in true neopolitan fashion, dough is only flour, lots of water, salt, and yeast, fresh fermented, lightly seasoned crushed tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, with various toppings
I think the coal oven gets a little hotter on average, both ovens vary as to the spot

…back to the oven/time/temperature…
I bake my pizzas at 430 for 8:30 in a Q-matic 36W, using only the bottum heat…
it is not an impingment oven, radiant heat only, so no moving air it must back longer…
I use 59% water, 3% salt, .35% IDY, no oil…
I coat the dough balls with olive pomace oil before 2 day refrigerated fermentation…
When I changed my formula from the more standard(oil and sugar), I had to change the oven time/temperature…
impingment is a whole major factor that I do not have…I know it would speed mine up, how much, I do not know,
hope that helps,

Lombardi’s in New York (all of our forefather in the business) still operates the coal ovens Genarro put in. They get blackened spots on the fresh mozzarella, and the crust chars a bit . … I think they do a 2 to 3 minute bake (incineration?)

I like the idea, but it wouldn’t sell well around my town.

high temp faster baked pies are always best in my opinion. I do the same thing with my oven at home. The lock latch is dremeled off on my oven and I turn on the clean cycle for 90 mins to heat it and a fibrament pizza stone up to 800+ degrees.

In Naples ovens are run very hot but it is also the design and shape of the oven dome that are different there and help create the 60-90 second bakes (i’ve even seen a video of a 45 second on youtube).

Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix has an oven similar to a neapolitan oven, but his pizza is not neapolitan… more of an NY/Neapolitan/California blend. By far the best pizza in the country that I’ve had so far though.

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I’m anxious to try Gemignani’s neapolitan pizza on 10/20. He isn’t going to have a real neapolitan oven there like he used to win in Naples (he is bringing in the forno bravo mobile) but it should be close enough. At least he won’t have to make all those with that little beehive he has… :slight_smile:

  • aba

here’s a link to Neopolitan pizza, good site, even has recipes on it…

not what most of us do, and it is our history and roots…great style of pizza that will never go out of style…
we are everything they are not, and visa versa
ie, we delivery ours, they can not (practiacally anyway)
their flavors are few, ours are many…
no better, no worse, different, and I appreciate both

[http://www.verapizzanapoletana.org/vpn/ ... -index.htm](http://www.verapizzanapoletana.org/vpn/vpn_frames-index.htm)


This is the guy I was talking about. Pies look delicious!!!