Ovenable wings

What brand are people using for ovenable wings? What is the price you pay? What is the price on your menu? Looking to open up second shop but I don’t want to put the whole fryer set up in so I’ll try to run wings through my conveyor oven… thoughts? Thanks!

Been doing wings in the oven for 13 years. Works great. We buy a sysco house brand of “rotisserie” wings that I guess is probably Tyson. Jumbo size, pre-cooked. Once through the oven from thawed works great. They are huge, a dozen weighs about 24 oz (1.5 lbs for the math challenged) Smaller sizes are available but we charge $9 for a dozen and advertise our huge wings so they need to be big!

Tyson Jumbo Fully cooked for bone in. And La Nova’s for boneless. They both are easy to use and the end products are great.

We always used LaNova. They sold well and were a good product.