Ovens Check!

I finally got my ovens a pair of Blodgett 1000’s I was shocked at how good of shape they are in. They were running on propane so i might have to change a fitting inside to run off natural gas im not sure. Landed cost in my garage was $2500 shiping was a killer but hey I have a big item out of the way. I have been talking with a landlord about a 1200 square foot space. Looks like it will be 1400 a month and he will do all the tennant improvements, as well as hang my hoods. And give me 6 months free rent. We still have a few things to clarify but i am realy hopeful this works. I will be able to have a drive up window too! Also there is a pole sign for the plaza that he is basicly using as a for rent sign I get that too. It has room for about an 18" by 8 foot sign face on each side and a 4x8 changeable letter sign on each side with the letters. He has to remodel a different space and move a current tennant before we can start. I am hoping to open by August 1st if all goes well!

You definitely will need to have the orifices change to natural gas.

congratulations!!! We send good vibes and much success your way. walter