I searched around the forum for some up to date info and did not seem to come across exactly what I needed. We currently have (2) gas Blodgett Master-Therm (MT-3255/3270) conveyor ovens and only one of them works at the moment. We have had technicians out numerous times for the one that currently works for temperature issues, etc. after they “fix” the working one, they have taken a look at the one that hasn’t worked for a couple years and says they have no idea what is wrong with it. Long story short, we are long overdue for an oven. Our plan is to get a new/newer oven for pizzas and keep the one we currently cook pizzas in as our sub oven. I have asked several different technicians which brands they find to have the least problems and almost always the answer is either XLT or Middleby Marshall. We recently stopped at the Middleby Marshall booth at NAPICS and were turned off for 2 reasons 1.) the price 2.) their paltry warranty. The salesman gave the usual “these ovens are the best on the market…blah blah”, I then asked him why they don’t offer a better warranty (I think it was around 1 year) if they are the best ovens out there, and he didn’t really have an answer.

So, my question is:
What conveyor oven brand you have found to be the best value and most reliable? And what price range I can expect to pay for it new/newer?

Any other info you would like to pass along I would be ever so grateful for as well! Thanks!

I have used nearly every oven out there it the last 27 years and the three I would consider for a operation with average to above average would be Middleby Marshall, Bofi Xlt, and Edge. Middleby’s have been around forever, perform great, can be serviced by most commercial appliance repair companys, and bake fast. They cost an arm and a leg and another arm and a leg when they need repairs, which all conveyor ovens will.
We loved the Xlt ovens, the bake was second to non, the support was top notch, and they offer a neat innovative hood. They are cheaper than middlebys and parts are readily available. Ours were not the newest ones and they were a little loud and they had a lot of heat coming out of the chamber.
We have gone to exclusively buying the Edge 60’s. They are as quiet as any impinger conveyor oven, which is important if you ask anyone who has been in the business for any length of time. Most of us have severe hearing loss from early models of ovens. Their price can’t be beat, figure 25k for a double stack installed give or take. We have been using them for 4+ years and have them in 10 or 11 stores. A bad switch, and a bad conveyor motor are the only issues we have had. The efficiency is unmatched. You will save several thousand dollars/year over older middlebys due to less gas and less electricity for the oven and less air conditioning. One of the Edge owners will be there to install them and tweak them to your liking. The best feature of all in my mind is one I haven’t had to use yet. All of the mechanical parts with the exception of the blower motor are in the control can. This piece at the end of the oven can be removed in 10 minutes by anyone(myself included and I can’t change the oil in my car). This can can be sent back to the factory where they can diagnose the problem and repair it quickly and reasonably. I can’t tell you how many times I had an issue with my Middleby 570’s and the repair guy would come out and say "you need a temp controller. $1300 and 2 days later i had a new temp controller but my oven still lost temp. Then he replaced a relay switch. Still no luck. Then the burner blower motor. Finally the gas valve, the problem is fixed but I am out 3k for the repairs and I was down 7-10 days. Those days are over for me!
With the 5 year warranty xlt and Edge are offering, you would have a hard time going wrong with either of them.

We replaced our Blodgetts with Edge ovens and couldn’t be happier: reliable, energy efficient and great service in the few times we have needed to fix something.

If you’re not wanting to spend big bucks for a new oven just yet, I do still have 2 of my Blodgett 3270s sitting in storage. That pair was working fine when we pulled them out of a store we closed. Depending on where you live, it might cost you more to ship them than we’re asking for them. Send me a board message if you’re interested.

Thank you both so very much for your detailed responses! I contacted Edge and looks like we will be going with them. Again thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated!