over saturated market re examined...?

So the guys I was consulting in the over saturated market…closed their doors. Big surprise there, considering they never listened to anything I had to say.

Anyhow, the shop is open-empty. No rent. Only pay utilities. But it is a dump too. There is a captive audience every Friday night (you share the place with a long-held auction house in the other half of the building).

I’ve got the equipment, but no place to put it or use it. Is this a good idea or should I run from it??

I’ve got nine pizza places in a town with the population of 8000. I’ve got seven pizza places in the other town with a population of about 12,000, and two small little villages that have zero pizza delivery service.

You can probably do better buying a hot dog cart…So run from the pizza idea!..

Hi Sreve:

I have been observing that what appears to work, in areas that have a lot of pizza shops, is a more versatile type of operation.

Shops that offer a very wide menu in addition to pizza appear to be able to prosper in areas that most would consider over populated with pizza shops.

Wide menu selection appears to be a trend. Those offering Ribs, fried shrimp and fish a wide selection of sub and hoagie sandwiches, burgers and other grilled items appear to be on the rise.

Might just be a passing fad but perhaps those contemplating a new venture might consider this.

George Mills


Seriously thinking about running.

If you remember prior posts, I was located in a hotel that went into foreclosure shortly before I was to open. The lease is in limbo, and currently not paying any rent there, nor do I have to until 6 months after I open, but opening there seems to be a lost cause until a new owner/buyer comes in for the hotel. No telling how long that will take, and until then I have a bunch of equipment just sitting around.


The people that were in the auction house location in between the small towns, they had an awesome, awesome menu concept. Fair food plus pizza and burgers. Thier fried oreos were out of this world, but no one knew about them. Was thinking about some what duplicating that menu.

The thing about the pizza in this area is that it sucks. If you want consistency, go to pizza hut or dominos. There’s not a single store that does fresh dough or fresh sauce, but I have no history in the area. I had looked at a downtown location a couple of years ago, and would have had to renovate the entire building, was more than willing to do it, but got shot down at the last minute because of town politics.

That, of course, is why I looked outside of the area and had found the location inside the hotel.

Over saturated market, bottom feeders want cheap pizza…Sorry I do not see an upside…

You generally get what you pay for. Why do you suppose there is no rent?


Since I live in this area, I don’t know how I feel about being called a “bottom feeder.”

However, you have hit the nail on the head.

St. Marys, OH ???

Uhm, yes. :slight_smile:

My wife is from St. Marys, and though we live here, I have to say I proudly hail from New Knoxville.

Actually, St. Marys has some really good points–the lake for one, even noting its current condition, the theater, Kids Drama Klub, the coffee shop…summerfest (my daughter was in the parade today).

My parents live in the community (Sandy Beach) right behind there. I was up there about a month ago and the lake is terrible such a shame.

So they are probably familiar with Schleeter’s Auction. The name of the pizza place I was consulting for that went out of biz…Sandy Beach Pizza.

As for the lake, besides the smell, it has killed so far 6 dogs and has put 3 people into the hospital. They have a plan for some kind of chemical they want to put in the lake, they said once it is introduced into the watershed, the water becomes clean right before your eyes.

The problem is not just Grand Lake though. Lake Loramie is being affected as well as the canal system, several area ponds, and the St. Marys River. Because the algae is spreading like it is, I don’t know how much good it’ll do to clean just one portion of the water shed.