Owners salary and labor %

Do ya’ll count your salary into labor percentage if you are working in the store as an owner? What is everyone’s COGS% and Labor% nowadays?

I don’t include me. mine is 28% COGS is 33%. I average $6500 a week in sales, and the first 6 weeks of the this QTR I am averaging $1300 a week.

Around 23.5% not including me… used to be under 20% before I started paying all non-tipped $15 hourly and bumped everyone else accordingly. State min is going to $12 in Florida this year. I have a pretty good staff now except for horrible servers but no one is applying. I usually cover my gm days off although I have another manager and don’t have to. 50k sales a week this time of year (season here is now.) the only thing I really still have to do is monthly paperwork and payroll.

How much do you pay your gm if you don’t mind sharing?

I lost my gm of 6 years 2 months so I promoted the other manager. Currently $1000 a week plus he’s making $200-300 cash tips a week. I’m not sure he’s going to last though, still on a trial basis…we are only open 4pm-9pm daily.

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Good managers are hard to find. They want the$$, but also want to be everyone’s friend all the time. Can’t have money and friends! :joy:

Yes that’s the issue now… he’s also a single dad with sole custody of a 1 year old now and hasn’t realized that his life is over :joy:no more partying

50k sales a week. open 4 to 9. Wow

1.85 million in sales last year

what kind of pizzeria are you? Delco or do you have dine in?

How many locations not possible with only one

it is possible…there are busier places too

maybe but i am hard pressed to believe it

1 location, more than half sales are takeout/delivery/doordash, 32 years in business, seasonal our season runs December to April. open 4-9 daily, closed a couple holidays, last year had to close 12 days due to hurricane/no power.


It’s really not unbelievable at all. We do similar sales. A little more actually. But open 1030-10. All delivery/takeout.no done in, No alcohol.
Good job! Nice business!

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not sure whats so hard to believe…there are MANY places that do that kinda business and more…instead of questioning it, I would be asking for advice…

season runs DEC to April
all this in 5 months 5 hours a day?
$1500.00 an hour?
Do a google search the place is tiny has 4 parking places in parking lot
like i said before maybe

That’s not unreasonable. Last year we did 2.7 million with 27% food cost and 30% labor. Our alcohol sales are like 1%.


Yes, but there is street parking on one side. It completely fills up and we pay rent to the empty lots on either side of our building for parking. Which completely fill up on weekends. We did 51k last week. Yes, $1400 hourly average. Trucks 6 days a week. We only serve beer and wine, but the laws changed and we can add alcohol as soon as I get the paperwork done. We are open year round, just the volume goes down to around 30k April to November. Friday from 4-9:30 we did 10k, 4 servers, 4 drivers, 2 hosts, 1 busser, 3 phones, 1 salad/subs, 3 cooks, 2 pizza, 2 dish, 2 managers, 1 runner. I was playing a symphony concert so I wasn’t there, I play violin.