P.O.S system

Please don’t laugh if I say we are still using the old pen and pad to take orders and we just ring it up in the old fashioned cash register. But I’m looking to switch to a POS system. My problem is I don’t know where to start? and the amount of information out there is overwhelming to say the least! If any of you from his past experience can boil it to just the most easy to understand info and the most efficient and the most economical system to use, it will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

You have just described Point of Success. Download a free demo and play with it.

I use Angel Computer Software. It was created by Robert Hamm about 20 years ago. It is real easy to operate, it is really inexpensive, it cost between $3000 to about $7000 depending on how many terminals you have.
Software & Tech support only cost you $30/mo.
You might be able to get a used system real cheap, cause Godfathers Pizza recently closed down a bunch of stores in Washington State, all of which used this POS system.
What I like about it the most is that it runs on DOS, yes DOS, some consider it a lost language, I believe its genius, cause your employees can’t do anything on the computer accept take orders. They can’t hook up to the Internet and download stuff, especially viruses, they can’t play music, or video games, and best of all it doesn’t run on a Windows platform so Microsoft can’t screw you up either.
Aside from taking orders, it is touchscreen compatible too.
It has a time clock feature, and time clock reports.
It has a Inventory program to track Purchases, Ideal Usage, Actual Usage, & Transfers In & Out of Inventory. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic reports.
I don’t have his number on me right now, but I am sure you could google him by name, Robert Hamm, in Lakewood, WA

Good Luck with you search

I recently went with Point of Success, and am happy for the most part with it … one word of caution, however - before you have them start programming your menu, spell out on paper exactly what you want to have it do as far as taking orders. Make sure you go over everything on your menu with the rep (don’t forget lunch specials which may not be on your regular menu. Also, you probably have a few non menu items which are fairly frequent requests - get those in as well.

Get the upgrades for caller ID and timeclock for sure, the CGS module can be quite useful as well.

You should be able to lease a 2 terminal system for 150 - 200 per month … we were spending darn near 150 a month on tickets alone before switching. Buying paper roll and ribbons online, the cost is more like 30 per month now.

I’ve made the switch to Point of Success as well…have experience w/Diamond, FoodMan, SelbySoft but I feel you s/b able to do simple changes w/o having to call tech support…Foodman & Success fit that category…

Success is a bit more advanced, but has more features, like reporting & delivery mapping…

FoodMan is great, but has not evolved w/my business…

SelbySoft tech & customers service are poor…

Diamond is way too costly…

I would like to know if anyone has experience with pospizza??/

Actually my manager does and I am starting it up this week.

Will let you know the good and the bad.

OK point of success seems to be the most popular. how do you figure out all the hardware? and what price range would you be to have just one station, back office computer and 2 printers?

Stay away from Revention they will promise you the world and then give you excuses after you buy the system.

For mine, (2 station, 2 printers, caller ID & time clock) was about $5K with set up and installation. Mine was a really easy install. Since your 2nd computer will be a back office one, yours may be slightly less. I suggest, however, that you get a 2 station if you have periods during the day when you have more than 1 person taking orders. Get the 2nd computer up front, where you need it! You can use a flash drive to download any reports to your home or office computer. Another thing you ought to get that I’ll be upgrading to shortly is their credit card software. It’s a lot simpler to do it all at one station, and the system can save their CC #, so the customer can stop giving it out over the phone every time they order.

Look on ebay for used Dell GX 270 pc…expect to pay $150-200 each or so…I’d get 4, one for the server & 2 or 3 for order taking…the 3 station license will allow you to grow a bit if needed…add some ram in the server to = 4megs…I’d run 2 megs in the others…

use #1 as the “cash register” up front…

use #2 on the make-line for orders…you can use it on the fly as an order/entry as well…

use #3 for delivery drivers & order/entry…attach an Epson T-88III printer there for delivery maps or the cut-table…

the 2nd printer can be used on the cut table…you may not need a reciept printer @ the cash register, or use the 2nd one there…

touch screens can be found on ebay for less than $200…

4 pc’s = $800
4 monitors = $800
2 printers = $250
cables/LAN = $200
software = $1200

for less than $3,500 you’ve got a rock-solid system

We have been using Prism by Microworks for going on 9 years. We are on our second set of hardware and a couple of software upgrades. The system is stable, flexible, easy to customize etc. When this set of equipment wears out I’ll be sticking with them.

6 computers, four touch screens, label blaster, run ticket printer, networking equipment etc etc. Cost today is about 16K and worth every penny.

What point of success can do as far as marketing?

i am thinking about buying revention. does anybody use this software.
what will they promise that doesn’t deliver?

I don’t like sounding like a salesman, but here goes:

A few things Point of Success can do to help your marketing include customer database management, coupon redemption tracking, analysis of sources of new customers, report for the lifetime value of a customer, good customer mailing list, top 50 residential customers report, top 50 business customers report, 30, 60, 90, 120 day lost and lazy customer reports and mailing lists, new customer mailing list, employee sales promotion tracking and more.

You can find the complete list here: http://www.pointofsuccess.com/marketing.htm