PA UC Audit

I got a lovely letter today from PA UC, and they’ll be gracing me with their presence on January 16. I know I haven’t intentionally done anything wrong, but what if I goofed something up? No independent contractors, and NO ONE gets paid under the table.

Any advice?

What is UC?

I am going to assume it is either work comp or unemployemnent.

No need to worry they just want to look at your quarterly tax returns and make sure everything is up to snuff. They should give you a list of things to have available. I remember the first time I spent hours getting everything ready. Triple double checking everything and I was lucky if she looked at anything. They do it every now and again. I just have my files. I usually double check my payroll reports match my returns which match what I send them.

Don’t worry…you may even get some tips on how to save money…work comp ended up giving me a couple hundred bucks credit because I didn’t calculate overtime right. I took notes at that meeting 13 years ago and still use them to make sure I have all the credit available.