Packaged Liquor License

Does any one on here have a packaged liquor license?
I noticed a place in the next town over from ours has a carryout and delivery pizza place and he has beer and wine available. Does anyone on here do the same? If so, how do you go about the license procedure, is it worth it? Are you able to deliver the alcohol or no? Any pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.

Any info would be helpful,
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Check your local and state beverage laws. Where I’m at, there are 3 licenses: 1) Distributor (the only one authorized to ‘deliver’); 2) Retail Package (typical store, may sell cases, six’s, BUT MAY NOT OPEN); 3) Retail Serve (Bars, Restaurants, may drink on premise, but they must be OPENED). I’d suspect that no one can deliver booze. #1 If you have a ‘serve’ license, if your delivered un-opened, you’re violating your license, if you open it, you driving with an open container.

We do not do it, but delivery is possible in our state. If we got a license, we could deliver beer and/or wine. The local liquor stores here deliver as well.

My fear is the newspaper story about the highschool kids that died in a car accident after leaving a party where “guess who” supplied the beer. Do you really think your drivers would not deliver without checking ID for, say, a $20 tip? If you think they would not, you are kidding yourself.

Went to all the trouble over in michigan to do this last year. Has not been worth it. That being said, I probably need to market it at the counter when pick-up occurs or find a way to let customers know. New Buffalo is a tourist town and hard to get the word out about anything.

Just spoke to the village and they said No Way. Actually all the Bars in town aren’t bars. They are restaurants that serve alcohol. Thanks for the input.